In recent years, we have been working very hard to broaden our vision and extend our research into the digital health arena. We strongly believe that what is good for general health is good for oral health and vice-versa as the state of oral health is an indicator for the state of general health.

Therefore, we are championing and actively building a relationship-centered digital health platform to empower physicians and dentists to jointly care for their patients with chronic medical conditions which are highly related to oral health.


Renew Biocare Corporation Asia Pacific is located in Taipei, Taiwan and is the regional headquarter of Renew Biocare International Holding., a Swiss/American dental implantable device research company focusing on dental product development, key market validation and patient service innovation.

We believe that there is no better time than the present to take a step towards the comfort and convenience of a healthy smile, achievable through specialized and integrated digital dental and medical care solutions.

Furthermore, we have been advocating in the healthcare industry at large to make dental implant treatments safe and affordable as well as incorporate oral health care into routine medical care through digital platforms and patient-centered solutions.